Sombrero Beach is a treasure chest for those who enjoy finding stuff on the beach. Get seashells as keepsakes, each one a mini art piece made by the ocean's movement. It shows you can find beauty in little things, similar to the memories you'll make here. It's not just for people, it's a place that loves animals. Watch dogs run in water and wag their tails with joy.

Sombrero Beach has small beach houses with porches and big fancy mansions with swimming pools and docks for everyone who like the coast. Sombrero Beach trip houses also have things to suit all your holiday needs. If you enjoy the beach, this spot offers many activities for you and your family to have fun. You can have a wonderful tropical vacation here with them any time.

Sombrero Beach vacation rentals offer a diverse range of house types you can choose from to spend your tropical vacation in. Whether you seek a lavish beachfront experience, family-friendly homes or cottages that are infused with local charm and lots of historical bliss.

Here are a few types of Sombrero Beach vacation rentals you can choose from:

1. Beachfront Villas: Stay in fancy houses by the Sombrero Beach where you can walk straight out onto the sand. These big rooms often have private little outside areas for enjoying wonderful sea views.

2. Oceanview Condos: Have the top setup with oceanview apartments right next to Sombrero Beach. It's only a short walk away. These rentals make your stay easy and comfy, letting you see lovely views of the sea without being too far away.

3. Canal-Front Homes: For people who like living by the water, homes near canals give a peaceful place to hide. These rentals usually have their own piers. They make it easy to get on boats or just relax near the calm waters.

4. Cozy Beach Cottages: Stay in comfy beach houses at Sombrero Beach to enjoy the beauty of the Keys. These cute places to stay feel very relaxed and are great for a love trip or a small family vacation.

5. Family-Friendly Houses: Rentals for Sombrero Beach vacation offer big houses that are good for families near the beach. They have lots of space, making it easy to enjoy after a busy day in the sea and having fun at water games.

6. Pet-Friendly Retreats: Choose holiday rentals that are pet-friendly so you can bring your dogs to Sombrero Beach. These houses often have features like fenced yards and quick access to the beach for your pets.

7. Tropical Bungalows: Vacation rentals at Sombrero Beach let you enjoy the tropical paradise with houses full of pretty plants and comfy inside stuff. These rentals give a real island getaway, making it feel peaceful when near the beach.

8. Luxurious Resorts: Feel the highest luxury by staying at resorts near Sombrero Beach. These holiday homes usually have fancy things like spas, swimming pools and great food choices. It's a posh escape in a sunny paradise away from all the worries of daily life.

Sombrero Beach vacation rentals offer a diverse range of homes to stay in. From luxurious villas to small apartments, from family-friendly Sombrero Beach vacation rentals to pet-friendly vacation rentals, unwind all your pent-up weariness from the daily hustle-bustle and enjoy the tropical paradise at any time of the year.

Why Choose Sombrero Beach Vacation Rentals?

Choosing Sombrero Beach vacation rentals isn't just a decision; it's an invitation to experience the Florida Keys in a profoundly personal way. Here's why opting for these rentals is a heartfelt choice:

1. Proximity to Paradise: Sombrero Beach vacation rentals offer you the beach sand to be right in between your toes moments after you step out of your rental.

2. Sunrise Serenades: Sombrero Beach vacation rentals create the perfect setting of beautiful sunsets. More like a canvas where nature creates art for us to enjoy! Sounds breathtaking, doesn’t it?

3. Privacy and Comfort: Sombrero Beach vacation rentals give you all the privacy that you need. From beachfront villas to apartments, you get your own, personal space to unwind from the daily life.

4. Breathtaking Views: When you choose Sombrero Beach vacation rentals, you get exceptional views that would make you gasp, for sure. It feels so surreal that for a moment you stop and reassure yourself that this is reality and not just a beautiful dream.

5. Tailored Experiences: Sombrero Beach vacation rentals have visitors that have different preferences. It is so smartly made that it can accommodate all kinds of requirements. Whether you prefer a luxurious stay in waterfront bungalows or whether you wish to enjoy peace and quiet cottages.

6. Family-Friendly Retreats: If you're traveling with family, Sombrero Beach vacation rentals provide the ideal setting for creating lasting memories. Spacious houses with multiple bedrooms, convenient amenities, and easy beach access ensure that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, feels at home.

7. Romantic Getaways: For couples seeking a romantic escape, Sombrero Beach vacation rentals offer intimate beachfront villas and cozy cottages offer a private escape for you and your partner to create lasting memories with the sounds of the waves working exactly like a background score for your romantic getaway.  

8. Pet-Friendly Options: Don't leave your four-legged family members behind. Many Sombrero Beach vacation rentals are pet-friendly, allowing your furry friends to join in on the beachside fun.

9. Local Charm and Convenience: Stay in the heart of Marathon and experience the local charm. Sombrero Beach vacation rentals are strategically located, offering easy access to nearby attractions, restaurants, and the unique culture of the Florida Keys.

10. Community Connection: Opting for a vacation rental near Sombrero Beach means becoming part of a community. Feel the warmth of local hospitality, discover hidden gems recommended by friendly neighbors, and immerse yourself in the laid-back island lifestyle.

Choosing a Sombrero Beach vacation rental is more than finding a place to stay; it's an intentional decision to embrace the essence of the Florida Keys – a blend of natural beauty, personalized comfort, and the warm embrace of coastal living.

Things to do in Sombrero Beach

Sombrero Beach with its soft sand and blue-green water is not only a rest place; it's also fun for many things. Here's a humanized guide to things you can do at Sombrero Beach:

1. Sunrise Strolls: Start your day by walking along the beach without shoes. Feel the sand that is cold under your feet and see the sky change into soft colors as the sun comes up over the sea.

2. Picnic by the Sea: Bring a basket with local food and sit under the big palms in the shade. Sombrero Beach is the ideal place to have a picnic by the sea. The gentle sound of waves will be your background music as you relax and enjoy.

3. Beachcombing for Treasures: Let the waves' beat lead your hunt for treasure. Go to the beach and look for special shells and beautiful pieces of coral. It's more than just gathering; it's finding the secret tales of the ocean.

4. Sandcastle Building: Find your playful side and make big sand castles with your toes in the beach sand. It's not just making things out of sand; it's creating your own beach art with towers and water barriers.

5. Sunbathing and Relaxation: Lay on a towel, get some sun and enjoy reading or the calming sound of the sea. Sombrero Beach isn't just for sunbathing. It's a place to rest and enjoy the way of doing nothing by relaxing.

6. Swimming in Crystal-Clear Waters: Go swimming in the clean, shallow water at Sombrero Beach. It's not just swimming, it's a full experience where you become one with the sea and feel it’s refreshing warm hug of the gulf around you.

7. Frisbee or Beach Volleyball: Bring a frisbee or ball for playing fun games on the beach. It's not just fun; it's laughing, playing with friends and a time to have fun while being active. Plus, you get a taste of salty air.

8. Sunset Romance: As the day ends, enjoy a peaceful time with someone you care about. See the sun go down below where it started, making beautiful colors in the sky. It's not only seeing a sunset; it's making a memory that stays in your heart.

9. Yoga and Meditation: Join a beach yoga class for your Zen. Feel the soft sand under your mat and let the wave sounds guide you to breathe. It's not just working out; it's a whole-person link with nature.

10. Fishing off the Pier: Meet with people who like fishing near the pier and throw your line into the sea. It's not just about catching fish; it's also a way to meet the local people, share fishing stories, and perhaps even get dinner for tonight.

11. Beachside Bonfire (Seasonal): Check local regulations first, but if permitted, consider attending the spectacular 4th of July fireworks at Sombrero Beach. Marathon City hosts an impressive hour-long display, creating a breathtaking scene against the backdrop of the beach and the water filled with boats. Secure your spot on the beachfront to relax and enjoy the festivities. Don't miss out on this memorable experience; book a beach villa/Sombrero Beach house rentals for the week through Florida Key Villa. Numerous options are available for a fantastic family reunion, with accommodations that can sleep up to 14 people. This is more than just a beach getaway; it's a chance to make lasting memories with family and friends—telling stories, roasting marshmallows by the fire pit, cooking fresh fish in the outdoor kitchen, and swimming in the private pool under the stars. Embrace the holiday spirit in a large, family-friendly villa for an unforgettable celebration.


Yes, Sombrero Beach can be found at 2130 Sombrero Beach Road in Marathon FL. It’s located at Sombrero Beach Road when you turn on to the street from Overseas Highway at the very end of the street near MM 50 it’s one of the best beaches in the lovely Florida Keys. Here, you have multiple options to rent beautiful Sombrero Beach vacation rentals with spectacular views and amenities that can accommodate to all kinds of visitors.

Near the beach, you'll find Crane Point Museum and Nature Center at the entrance to Sombrero Beach Rd. at 5550 Overseas Hwy., Marathon, FL, or visit Pigeon Key near the old Seven Mile Bridge and Turtle Hospital. For people who like to snorkel, there's lovely Sombrero Reef as well at the Sombrero Lighthouse which you can see in the distance for Sombrero Beach.

Yes, Sombrero Beach has handicap showers and wash stations to help you remove all the sand before you get back in your cars and trucks. These outside shower areas are by the exists so they are easy to spot. This makes it easier for people who love visit the beach but might not want to bring the sand home to their Sombrero beach house rentals.

Absolutely, Sombrero Beach welcomes furry friends! Just a heads up, all dogs need to stay on a leash while enjoying the beach vibes. And, of course, the golden rule applies: please pick up after your pooch anywhere in Sombrero Beach Park to avoid fines. No worries if you left your doggie bags at home; you'll find them conveniently placed at all park entrances. Feel free to let your dog roam the beach (on a leash, of course), and if your four-legged friend is itching to stretch their legs off-leash, there's a nearby dog park where they can frolic and play to their heart's content. It's a pawsitively great setup for both you and your canine companion!

Yes, of course. Sombrero Beach offers handicap accessible bathrooms and showers, as well. So, if you are traveling with someone who is differently abled, they too can enjoy the Sombrero Beach with easily accessible bathrooms.

Absolutely! You can park a car, truck but not a large RV or mobile homes. However, if you are a non-resident, they charge for parking. It is suggested to read all the rules posted in the park for any changes.

While Sombrero Beach remains free for local residents, there is now a parking fee for out-of-town visitors, managed through vehicle license plates for convenience. Non-residents and park renters will encounter a charge of $5 for each of the initial two hours, with an additional $2 fee for each following hour. This policy has contributed to the popularity of Sombrero Beach rentals, as residing close to the beach enables daily walks without the hassle of parking fees. Explore numerous spacious villas/ Sombrero Beach house rentals available for large family vacations at Florida Keys Villas and relish complimentary access to Sombrero Beach!

Swimming, snorkelling and kayaking are the main water activities that many people like to do. The clear water makes it a good place to look at sea creatures.

There aren't any restaurants on the beach in Marathon, but nearby you can find some places to eat -offering different types of food. Fast food, Cuban food and several sit-down restaurants by the water.

Absolutely! Sombrero Beach is good for families because it has safe water, sandy beaches and it has restrooms and a great big playground for kids to enjoy. There are swings, covered jungle gym and a beach volleyball court or adult and older kids. All the fun activates on Sombrero Beach makes it a great place for little ones to have fun too.

People can fish on the pier at the south end of the park and they often like to throw their hook into the Atlantic Ocean. It's vital to follow local rules for fishing. You can go fishing from 7:30 AM to sunset. There is no fish cutting table but there are restrooms in the park. You can’t leave any fishing line, hooks or wire in the water (bed or the marine life like sea turtles and birds) and you must pick up your debris or garbage after you’re done fishing. The pier is a great place to launch your kayak or canoe or park your dinghy.

Yes, Sombrero Beach allows alcohol. You and drink and bring alcohol on Sombrero Beach but the park rules don’t want any glass bottles at the beach. Broken glass is dangerous for anyone walking barefoot or with flipflops and any dogs walking too. So, they are very strict about no glass beverages or bottles at Sombrero Beach.

No, Sombrero Beach is protected by Sombrero reef so the ocean waves can’t bring shells to the beach. And the since Sombrero reef is so good at protecting the beach the ocean can’t breech the reef and send natural sand to Sombrero Beach. That is why the beach is so white it’s shipped in all the way from the Bahamas. The best way to find shells is on a snorkelling tour.

Yes, you can barbecue on the pits and enjoy a picnic at the pavilions and tables too. If you are looking to rent amazing Sombrero Beach house rentals, you can definitely bring along some grills to enjoy freshly grilled steaks on the beach with breathtaking views.

Sombrero Beach is the best place to sit with your morning coffee or walk you dog and watch the beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. Ah, what a beautiful sight!

Yes, April to October is the Loggerhead Turtles nesting beach. They came on the Sombrero Beach at night and lay their eggs under the stars at night. During April to October the city limits humans on the beach at night. The city also uses amber or red lights near the beach so not to distract the turtles from their normal nesting sites. White lights disorient the sea turtles on their way to the beaches.
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