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Marathon: History and Overview

Marathon is located in the beautiful sunny state, Florida. It is well known for its tropical weather and beautiful blue waters! Marathon Florida is in the situated in the mid-point of Florida, therefore, having several islands offering a blend of nature and marine. People who visit Marathon Fl experience pure rejuvenation and peace.

Marathon Florida is not less than a paradise for snorkellers and divers from around the world. This is because of the several beaches surrounding the cities have submerged shipwrecks and extensive coral reefs.

Apart from its marine allure, Marathon Florida hosts the iconic Seven Miles Bridge, that is an engineering marvel with breathtaking views that connects the Knight’s Key – in the middle of the Keys to the Little Duck Key – in the lower Keys.

The city offers a laid-back ambiance and several waterfront dining options and vacation rentals. Visiting Marathon Fl is no less than a dream for people who admire the tropical weather.

Marathon Florida offers multiple water sports – from sport fishing to kayaking – they have it all. Imagine having a relaxing, peaceful vacation along with several fun water adventures. Marathon Florida caters to all kinds of guests all in one place!

Marathon Florida’s beautiful history

In 1935, Marathon Fl faced adversity due to a powerful hurricane – Labour Day Hurricane – the name of this hurricane clearly explains when it took place. This hurricane led to a catastrophic damage to the upper Florida Keys with hundreds of death rates and millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

The landscape of Marathon Florida underwent a significant transformation upon the arrival of the Florida East Coast Railway. The challenge of which was later referred to, as a joke, a “marathon” to get completed.

Marathon Florida was established in 1999. The history behind how Marathon got its name is quite interesting. This name came from a group of railroad workers who were working day-in and day-out to complete the railway. The process of creating the railway was rather challenging and time consuming leading for the workers to complain that, “this is getting to be a real marathon”.

The aftermath of the Labour Day Hurricane in Marathon, Fl:

Marathon Florida

Around the early 1800s, Marathon Florida, formerly known as, was home to Bahamian settlers, who earned their living through farming sea island cotton and fruits. Later on, families from Connecticut also found home in Marathon through fishing.

Marathon Florida is known for its laid-back ambience and numerous water adventure options, making it one of the most sought-after cities in Florida for tourists to visit and make memories of a lifetime.

Here is the before and after of Marathon Florida:

Marathon Florida back in the day:

Marathon Florida

Marathon Florida now:

Marathon Florida

Things to do in Marathon Florida

There are several water sport adventures for people to experience in the beautiful Marathon Florida. We will guide you to exactly what all you can do on your next visit there:

1. Power Boat Racing: Marathon Fl is known for its amazing water sports; this is one of them. Many boat lovers gather annually for this fun power-boat racing and just like any normal car racing competition, they compete on water!

2. Helicopter Tours: It is only fair that Marathon Florida offers such a fantastic activity for visitors. People can experience the true beauty of the Keys through a bird’s eye by getting on these fun helicopter rides. Imagine the beautifully constructed city with a breathtaking view of the Seven Mile Bridge! Ah, that’s no less than a dream!

3. Swim with the dolphins: As you dip into the crystal-clear waters of Marathon Florida, you can get the opportunity to swim alongside these intelligent, beautiful creatures! It is no doubt that dolphins reciprocate to human activities, imagine actually getting to experience that!

4. Snorkelling: This is one of the most popular activities amongst tourists. The amazing seagrass beds and the majestic coral formation, makes Marathon Florida one of the best places for people to enjoy the underwater wonderland!

5. Relax on the Sombrero Beach: Sombrero Beach offers a scenic setting for visitors to experience. Whether you are looking for waterfront strolls, water sports and activities or picnic perfection in front of the beautiful sunset – Sombrero Beach is the perfect place for you to relax.

6. Bars: Marathon is known for its

There are several other things to do in Marathon including visiting popular restaurants and museums, staying in a waterfront vacation home or a hotel. You will get the full experience of a tropical wonderland after your visit to this beautiful city.

Places to visit in Marathon Florida

Marathon Fl is a charming destination with a blend of several aquatic activities, as well as its natural beauty. Here are some of the popular places you can visit on your next visit here:

1. The Turtle Hospital:

Marathon Florida

Your trip to Marathon would be incomplete without visiting the Turtle hospital. This is renowned for its rescue, rehabilitation, and release of the sea turtles. Tours to this amazing facility can help you be a part of the care provided to these amazing sea creatures and also help you better understand the kind of efforts that are put in into nurturing sea turtles.

2. Crane Point Hammock:

Marathon Florida

People who appreciate the nature would definitely love a trip to the Crane Point Hammock in Marathon, Fl. This is a 63-acre hardwood hammock preserve that features long walking trails, a museum and the Marathon Wild Bird Center.

3. Seven Mile Bridge:

Marathon Florida

This is a wonderful marvel of engineering. This bridge connects Marathon to the lower Keys. You can take long drives here and enjoy the beautiful views of the blue waters and appreciate how wonderful of a creation this is. Not to mention, you can take photos with fantastic picturesque views.

4. Pigeon Key:

Marathon Florida

This is a historic island with restored buildings from the early 20th century. It provides a significant insight into the construction of the Overseas Railroad. You can get guided tours here and also learn about the island’s rich history.

Must-try restaurants in Marathon

1. Castaway Restaurant:

Marathon Florida

If you are someone who loves sea food, especially sushi, and the views of the oceans, Castaway restaurant is one of the best places for you to experience! With amazing waterfront views and fresh food served, who wouldn’t want to visit here? I know I would! Castaway is open for you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2. Herbie’s Restaurant:

Marathon Florida

Experience the best kind of American food at Herbie’s! From salads to BBQs. This restaurant guarantees a unique taste in everything they serve. It is also one of the most sought-after restaurants in Marathon.

3. Lazy Days South:

Marathon Florida

If you are looking to experience the true taste of the Keys, Lazy Days South is your go-to restaurant! From several seafood options to the best of vegetarian meals. It is safe to say that if you feel lazy to cook, go to Lazy Days South and enjoy the tastiest food in the city of Marathon!

4. Triton Seafood Restaurant:

Marathon Florida

Now the thing about this restaurant is that not only does it offer you with the best options for seafood but it also offers you wide variety of Italian cuisines. If you are someone who loves your shrimps, get that on a pizza here! Oh, what a delight, right?! A fine dining choice for you and your loved ones.

5. La Nina Restaurant:

Marathon Florida

If you are into Cuban delicacies, this is the place for you on your next visit to Marathon. You get traditional, homestyle Cuban food! This restaurant is also vegetarian friendly. So, all you leaf lovers out there, you can definitely try a different variety of food here, as well.

Hotels and Resorts in Marathon, Fl.

When you visit Marathon, Fl, you will get plenty of waterfront properties to stay in. Here are some of the best hotels and resorts that you can choose from:

1. Isla Bella Beach Resort:

Marathon Florida

From one/two bedrooms to suites, you get ocean view rooms from every room in this property. You also get more wonderful ways to enjoy the ocean views from this property through outdoor terraces. Not only will you get to enjoy the view and ambience of this place, but also experience exquisite fine dining options.

2. Tranquillity Bay Hotel:

Marathon Florida

Every beach house in this property offers private porches, privacy, and spectacular ocean views. Tranquillity Bay offers several amenities such as spa, water sports, and so many activities to choose from. This could be a perfect escape for you if you are someone who is looking to get away from the daily busy routine.  This is, hands down, one of the most popular Marathon hotels.

3. Courtyard by Marriott Marathon Florida Keys:

marathon florida

Courtyard by Marriott Marathon Florida Keys Is a welcoming and modern accommodation offering a comfortable stay for both, business and leisure travellers. Many of the past guests have praised the staff and the overall stay in Courtyard. This is one of the most sought-after hotels in Marathon, Fl.

4. Fairfield by Marriot:

Marathon Florida

Experience an unforgettable tropical getaway in the Middle Keys with Fairfield Inn and Suites Marathon Florida Keys which is situated halfway between Islamorada and Key West, Marathon offers a paradise for underwater enthusiasts right at their doorstep. You can get into adventures with jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and more.

5. Grassy Flats Resorts and Beach Club:

Marathon Florida

If you're searching for Florida hotels where you can soak up the sun on a beautiful tropical beach, relishing in stunning oceanfront stays, and longing for a resort that operates sustainably and caters to all kinds of travellers – your quest ends here. This is a family-friendly resort so you can leave your worries behind and visit the beautiful Grassy Flats Resorts with your family!

Resourceful Information for your visit to Marathon

Medical Care Facilities

In cases of medical emergencies, Marathon has various health care facilities that offer emergency care, urgent care, and general medical services. Here are some of the hospitals in Marathon:

Baptist Health Fishermen's Community Hospital: Whether you are facing a minor injury or something more serious, Baptist Health Fishermen’s Community Hospital is there to cater to your health issues. This hospital is at your service 24/7 that also include emergency department. Here is some helpful information about the hospital:

Address: 3301 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, United States
Contact: +1 305-434-1000


Planning a trip to Marathon, Fl? Don’t worry as there is an international airport there that makes traveling to this beautiful city a piece of cake.

Florida Keys Marathon International Airport

Forget the crowded hubs and endless baggage carousels! This airport is where private planes and small charmers sashay down the single, smooth runway. Think of it as the gateway to island life, whisking you from mainland buzz to Middle and Lower Florida Keys in a jiffy. No giant jets or mega-terminals, just a friendly welcome for all kinds of winged wonders and the folks who fly them.

It may not be a glitzy international giant, but for those in the know, it's the key that unlocks the carefree charm of island hopping. So, ditch the long lines and embrace the laid-back vibes - this airport's ready to whisk you away to sun-kissed beaches and tropical escapes.

Think of it as your own private portal to paradise, where the only traffic jam you'll find is a school of dolphins escorting your plane in. Now that's the kind of arrival we can all get behind!

Address: 9400 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050, United States


Some budget-friendly options in Marathon include motels, inns, and vacation rentals. Examples may include Sea Dell Motel, Coconut Cay Resort & Marina, and Bluegreen Vacations Hammocks at Marathon.

Marathon offers a variety of accommodations, including resorts, hotels, and vacation rentals. Popular choices include Tranquillity Bay Beach House Resort, Isla Bella Beach Resort, and Hyatt Place Marathon/Florida Keys.

Utilize online travel platforms like, Expedia, or Hotel Tonight for potential last-minute hotel deals in Marathon.

Luxury options in Marathon include Hawks Cay Resort, Isla Bella Beach Resort, and Tranquillity Bay Beach House Resort.

Marathon is known for its beautiful beaches. Sombrero Beach is a popular destination with soft sands and crystal-clear waters.

Yes, Marathon Key has nice beaches, and Sombrero Beach is often considered one of the best in the area.

The distance from Marathon to Key Largo is approximately 50 miles, and it usually takes about an hour to drive.

The main airport for Marathon is The Florida Keys Marathon International Airport (MTH).

Marathon can experience varying levels of activity, with tourist seasons typically seeing increased activity.

Airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, and United may offer flights to Marathon.

Yes, manatees can be found in the waters around the Florida Keys, including Marathon.

The distance from Miami to Marathon is approximately 110 miles, and the drive typically takes around 2 hours.

The distance from Marathon to Islamorada is approximately 20 miles, and it usually takes about half an hour to drive.

While sharks are present in the waters around the Florida Keys, shark encounters are relatively rare.

The water in Marathon is generally safe to drink. However, for specific concerns, it's advisable to check with local authorities.

Yes, you can enjoy snorkelling off the beach in Marathon, particularly at locations like Sombrero Beach and Coco Plum Beach.
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